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Golden Retriever Cleverly Uses Doorbell Cam After Accidentally Being Locked Out

Doorbell camera footage of a golden retriever sitting in the hall.

One intelligent golden retriever figured out how to use the doorbell when she got locked out of her home! Whitney Rhoad shared the most hilarious video of her dog’s smart response to being stuck outside the apartment. Security camera footage shows the pooch triggering the doorbell sound, then sitting down patiently to wait. Her expression was just too cute!

This golden retriever looked a little reproachful as she sat outside after ringing the doorbell. Her face seemed to say, “You forgot about me!” She was carrying a stuffed toy around in her mouth the way that a child might hold onto a teddy bear, which made her look even more pitiful in the camera footage. Except for a few irritated exhales, though, the dog was extremely calm given the situation!

“When you accidentally lock the dog out,” said the golden retriever mom, adding in her caption, “Good thing we have a doorbell cam.”

This smart golden retriever is way too cute!


good thing we have a doorbell cam 🤣 #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok @ashleia21

♬ original sound – Whitney Rhoad

Viewers immediately fell in love with this adorably patient pooch. Many pointed out just what a good dog she was being!

“I love how polite she sits to wait,” wrote one user.

Another added, “She deserves all the treats. Rn.”

Whitney was quick to assure the people in her comments section that, yes, someone did answer the doorbell and let the golden retriever back into the apartment.

“No worries, she came inside and got five belly rubs,” the dog owner promised.

Doorbell camera footage of a golden retriever sitting in the hall.
Screengrab from TikTok

Not all golden retrievers are quite this patient — or smart! One poor pooch was devastated when he thought that his owners had left him all alone. He started howling piteously, certain that he’d been abandoned for good! However, a few moments later, he looked up only to realize that his humans were just upstairs. We don’t want to know what kind of tantrum this clingy dog would have if accidentally left outside!

Whitney and her wife are pretty lucky to have a golden retriever who not only knows how to wait, but how to use the doorbell. Of course, we don’t know how forgiving she’ll be if this happens to her again…

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