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Golden Retriever Tries On Butterfly Wings And Her Reaction Is Beyond Precious

Golden retriever modeling her butterfly wings in front of a mirror with her front paws crossed.

Vanity is something I never thought I would see a dog display until today. Wearing a beautiful pink dress with matching pink bows on her ears, this girl is pretty. The outfit was fabulous, but then she came prancing out of the hallway with something in her mouth. That was a new one. I have never seen a golden retriever with butterfly wings. But now I have.

Did you catch that lower jaw quivering as she asked her mommy to put the wings on? Or the insistent paw patting the wings to let Mommy know precisely what she wanted? We’ve all seen how expressive a golden retriever can be, but this girl with her butterfly wings is too much!

Images show a golden retriever in a pink dress bringing butterfly wings to her owner.
Image from Instagram.

She gets her way and her wings before flying away to check her reflection in the mirror. But then she decided that the outfit needed one more thing to be perfect. She returned to the toy shelf and added a blue purse to the ensemble. Perfection!

Images shows a golden retriever wearing butterfly wings in front of a mirror.
Image from Instagram.

This girl… I can’t even…

Yes, her wings light up. Not to be undone, Tyson from Half Husky Brothers had to model a set of wings to make his brother Champ jealous. They are both quite handsome, but those wings really light up Tyson’s smile!

Half Husky Brother Tyson models the wings.
Image from Instagram.

If you can’t get enough of these transformed doggos with their wings, you can follow Instagolden on Instagram for more. This golden retriever butterfly has several videos, including walking in the dark against a beautiful sunset.

If you would like to turn your golden retriever (or any other animal) into a butterfly, the wings are available at Paws Love Store. The wings also come with shoulder straps for human children.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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