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Golden Retriever Goes Paw-sitively Wild When He Sees His Favorite Toy In Human Size!

Is there anything we wouldn’t do to make our dogs happy? The answer, for some of us, is a resounding “nope!”

A few years ago, Alicia Dixon of Springfield, Ohio, started making videos of her newly-adopted English Cream Golden Retriever named Charlie. Charlie lives with his three dog siblings, fellow Golden named Buddy, and Landseer Newfoundlands Daisy and Herb.

Alicia’s dogs were instant hits online, and soon her videos gained a large following on social media. Her videos are all humorous takes on life with dogs. For instance, one of her hottest recurring segments to date is called, “Annoying my dogs by doing things that they do.”

“It’s just me acting like a complete fool doing things that they would do like running through the house barking, barking at birds, someone rings the doorbell and taking off running, or bothering you while you’re taking a bath,” Alicia explained.

While all of Alicia’s doggos are famous, the real star of the show is the utterly adorable Charlie!

Fans of Charlie know that he is seldom seen without his favorite stuffed animal, a bright yellow duck named Mr. Quackers. The sweet dog carries Mr. Quackers with him wherever he goes. He sleeps with his head on the duck’s soft belly, and can’t greet a new friend without showing off his toy.

Recently, Alicia’s husband bought a human-sized duck costume, put it on, and surprised Charlie in it. The dog was just sitting in the living room (with Mr. Quackers, of course), when suddenly a giant Mr. Quackers walks in!

As you can imagine, the dog was just a wee bit excited over this turn of events. Charlie jumped right up and rushed towards him, wagging his tail furiously. Once he caught his human’s smell he got even more excited, practically turning himself inside out with ecstatic wriggling.

The video is just plain adorable! Thousands of people watched it on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Even more watched the full version on Charlie’s YouTube channel.


Dressed up as our dogs favorite duck toy. Full video on FB & YouTube. Link in bio. #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #dogs #goldenretriever

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Alicia says making people smile is the whole reason she makes these videos, so she must be thrilled by the positive reception to this adorable pupper prank.

“I do it mainly because just over the years I’ve gotten so many messages, emails and comments about how my videos have helped people through a rough patch like a divorce, a death of a loved one, or especially now with the pandemic going on,” she said. “I know that they are helping others.”

Thanks for the smiles, Charlie. Hold our calls – we will be watching videos of this happy dog and his friends all day!

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