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Golden Retriever Gives Crying Baby The “Side-Eye” In Hilarious Video

Close up of a golden retriever giving side-eye

Babies are oh-so sweet and adorable! It’s no wonder that social media is full of popular videos that prove just that. No matter how old you are, babies have the ability to melt your heart — in fact, our animal friends can’t help but fall in love with them, too! That being said, just like humans, our pets also need a break from the chaos that are our little ones. Unfortunately for Biscuit the golden retriever, his humans’ newborn baby isn’t going to get any quieter anytime soon.

For the most part, Biscuit probably loves his human sister — or at least he will eventually. At the moment, however, she’s known to cry. She cries a lot, actually. Needless to say, even this happy-go-lucky golden retriever is reaching his limits. Even still, he does his best to power through these trying times. But that doesn’t stop his facial expressions from giving away how he really feels!

@the_mike_cam I think its gonna take time for Biscuit to get used to his newest little human sister! 🤣 #newborn #babygirl #girldad #fyp #goldenretriever ♬ original sound – Michael Rivera

“I think it’s gonna take time for Biscuit to get used to his newest little human sister!” Michael writes in the caption of his video.

In the video above, we see the exact moment when Biscuit is caught thinking, “Why is she always so dramatic?” Because, as his human sister cries insistently in the distance, he’s giving some major side eye. People from all over are expressing the empathy they feel for Biscuit — while also enjoying the hilarity of the situation.

Golden Retriever Gives Major Side-Eye When Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Speaking for Biscuit, someone in the comments writes, “And I get yelled at for barking in the house?” Similarly, someone else adds, “Did you keep the receipt?”

“Biscuit doesn’t talk but he’s definitely saying something,” the official Jake from State Farm account writes.

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