Dog “Attack”: Hilarious Proof That Golden Retrievers Are Terrible Guard Dogs.

Golden Retriever Dog Attack

If you know a golden retriever, you don’t need proof they are terrible guard dogs. We will explain this enlightening footage to all the other people out there. The scene begins with an explanation from the dog owner. They are expecting a maintenance man into the apartment to perform a repair. They have discussed the pet and the possibility of a “dog attack.” The maintenance man was OK with that and agreed to record a video of the encounter.

Words: I asked the maintenance guy to send a video of my dog when he entered the apartment to see how he would react to a stranger entering.....
Image from Instagram.

As the door opens, we see the golden retriever in pounce mode, ready to “attack” the unknown intruder.

A golden retriever walking toward a door.
Image from Instagram.

The maintenance man entered as the golden approached quickly. Using his instinct, the maintenance man reached out to offer scritches. This was met with happy yips, tail wagging, and drools. The “golden retriever dog attack” was vicious. The demands for attention, scritches, and belly rubs were neverending. Like a trooper, the maintenance man met every demand.

An unrelenting dog attack where the attackee is being required to provide scritches, pets, and belly rubs.
Image from Instagram.

When the pup brought over his toy, we knew the maintenance man would live through the attack! He met every demand of the unrelenting golden retriever. We are unsure if the poor man ever got his job done. If the entrance into the apartment was any sign, he may have spent hours playing with his new best friend.

A Golden Retriever Is A Terrible Guard Dog

We laugh at the antics of golden retrievers, but we honestly love them. These wonderful dogs are full of personality and charm. They are loyal companions and one of our favorite breeds. Goldens can be stubborn and silly, but their good points far outweigh those minor annoyances. If you are looking for a dog that requires a lot of attention but is intelligent, consider a golden retriever. Watch the vicious “attack” and share this with others.


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