Golden Retriever “Connects” With Family’s Late Dog In The Most Remarkable Way.

golden retriever and puppy laying in garden

Dogs are emotional creatures. They have an incredible ability to sense things beyond what is seen. This golden retriever is a prime example, honoring the family’s late dog in the most precious way.

When Rilley the golden retriever passed away in 2018, the family planted a bush and sprinkled the late dog’s ashes to honor the pup’s legacy.

Then the family got a new addition: Lilly. Interestingly enough, there’s one spot in the lawn Lilly lays in. Can you guess where?

That’s right. Lilly loves to snuggle up next to the bush where Rilley’s ashes are.

“This is Rilley and Lilly. They would have been best friends in this life.. or maybe already they are,” captioned Instagram account, WeNeedMoreDogs.

There’s no doubt that Lilly the golden retriever and the late dog have a special bond. These two have a friendship that stretches outside the physical world.

“Man, I’m a biologist, but there’s a few things in life that don’t need to be rationalized. Not everything needs an explanation, this is just beautiful,” commented one post viewer who was impacted by the friendship.

golden retriever in garden by late dog
This image is from Instagram.

“Dogs know. They just know,” said another viewer. Truth.

What a powerful testimony to the way our four-legged friends care for us. This golden retriever may not have met the late dog that came before her, but that doesn’t keep her from spreading love.

The very cute featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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