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Golden Retriever “Apologizes” To Canine Brother For Stealing His Treat

Kiko and Watson. Left image shows Watson giving Kiko a dog hug. Right image shows the two posing next to one another.

Today, we’re going to meet two golden retriever brothers. Watson is a white golden, while Kiko is a red golden. One of our favorite videos shows Watson offering a dog hug and a golden retriever apology to his older brother after he steals a chewy treat.

We have mentioned how expressive golden retrievers can be; these two boys are no different. On the day this video was recorded, Watson had taken his brother’s treat. When his dog mom confronts him, she asks if he understands her. He gives a little “woof” that almost sounds like “yes.” Then she asks him about stealing his brother’s chewy, and Watson looks remorseful. When she asks what should happen next, Watson offers his version of a golden retriever apology to Kiko in the form of the cutest dog hug!

Left image shows white golden retriever Watson looking remorseful. Right image shows Watson offering a golden retriever apology to his brother Kiko after stealing his chewy treat.
Image from Instagram.

These two dog brothers had a wonderful life together. Sadly, Kiko succumbed to cancer a couple of years ago, but we will never forget the love these two golden boys shared. They spent many happy years and had a million extraordinary adventures together. You can see their life together on the family’s Instagram channel. Kiko is gone but will never be forgotten.

Slowing Down, But Still Offering Golden Retriever Dog Hugs

As Watson ages, his dog mom tries to make his senior years as enjoyable as possible. He has a ton of playdates with new dog friends and plenty of hugs and cuddles. The entire family has a lifetime of memories of the two golden retrievers’ relationship. The two dogs were very tolerating of mom’s silliness.

Left image shows golden retrievers Kiko and Watson wearing watermelon rind helmets. Right image shows the two dogs cheek to cheek with waffle cones perched on their heads.
Images from Instagram here and here.

Now that Kiko has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Watson continues to shower people and other dog friends with love and hugs. He is experiencing stiff joints and slowing down a bit, which makes outings with Grandma perfect.

Left image shows golden retriever Watson and a dog friend posing during and outing with Grandma. Right image shows Watson and Grandma posing in matching sweaters.
Images from Instagram.

Visit the “About Us” highlights to learn about this wonderful and diverse family. They have already brought joy to many and promise to continue that journey. We hope you enjoyed watching Watson offer a golden retriever apology to his brother Kiko.

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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