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“We Didn’t Know If Teddy Would Ever Walk Again.” Watch Pup Make Triumphant First Steps After Attack

A man squats next to his dog outside. The dog is sitting on a dog bed but is starting to try and stand on his front legs. Text on the image reads: This is Teddy, learning to walk again up the stone steps my hubby made specifically for Teddy to get to the lawn.

In an instant, the life of Raine Becker, her husband, and their dog, changed. While on a walk, three dogs attacked both her husband and dog, Teddy. The injuries they sustained were substantial, leaving her husband with a massive gash on his arm. Meanwhile, Teddy underwent a three-hour surgery for his “ripped apart” back muscles. They didn’t know if the dog would ever walk again.

Still, they remained hopeful. Raine’s husband even took the time to place stone steps in their backyard so it will be easier for Teddy to get to the lawn. Then, after 18 days of healing, both physically and emotionally, sweet Teddy successfully walks again!

Dog Walks Again After Life-Changing Attack

@rainebecker_ I've cried every time I watched this back today #dogattack #prouddogmumma #furbaby ♬ I Get to Love You – Acoustic – Mysha Didi

“I’ve cried every time I watched this back today,” Raine admits.

This triumphant moment has thousands of views on TikTok, and it’s clear that folks in the comment section very much relate to how Raine is feeling.

“The strength that little guy has is phenomenal,” one person shares. “I’m sure it’s because your fur baby has you two as parents.”

“Keep up the healing buddy,” another writes. “My Chihuahua was in a similar situation years ago, he’s doing amazing and sends all his love to Teddy, you got this.”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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