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Golden Retriever Anxiously Awaits His Furry Best Friend, Who Brings A Surprise!

A two-photo collage. The first shows Murphy looking back and up at the camera. The second photo shows a close up of Chippy the squirrel at her mini picnic in a tree. The table is full of seeds.

When you imagine a dog interacting with a squirrel, odds are, you imagine a canine who wants to chase after the woodland creature. But that certainly isn’t the case for this golden retriever, Murphy, and his surprising best friend: a red squirrel. Murphy’s owner, Judie Jacobs, first took note of her pup’s interest in the squirrel years ago.

It started when Murphy spent more time than usual at her back slider door. Soon enough, Judie realizes that an adorable squirrel is the cause of her dog’s curiosity. In fact, Murphy would even wait for his new friend to come around. With time, Judie began to see if the two could get closer. In turn, she named the creature Chippy.

Golden retriever Murphy stands at the open backdoor of his home. Text on the image reads: Murphy heard something familiar...

“Over time, the trust was built,” Judie explains. “Chippy would actually come to the door and call for Murphy to come out. We thought it was really sweet, so we started to foster their friendship.”

Now, Judie is happy to share update videos with her followers. This adorable content shows the sweet ways that these two friends spend quality time together — and it’s even cuter than it sounds!

From behind of Murphy watching his squirrel best friend, Chippy, in a tree. There's a mini picnic table with an umbrella and Chippy is eating a nut there.

Golden Retriever And Squirrel Become Unlikely Best Friends

Murphy is so sweet with Chippy. Whenever she’s around, he simply observes her, never barking or chasing her away. He even brings her his most loved items, like his favorite ball. It’s no wonder, then, when Chippy stopped showing up for a while, this sweet pup was a bit blue.

Close up of Chippy the squirrel at her mini picnic in a tree. The table is full of seeds.

But when Chippy finally returns, she’s not alone: Turns out, she’s been busy starting family! Now, Murphy and her kiddos are bonding. But there’s one little one in particular who has especially taken a liking to the kind dog. The name of the baby squirrel is Peanut, and he lost his tail.

“I could see that Peanut and Murphy had developed this magical friendship — the same way he had developed it with Chippy,” she says.

Murphy stands next to an outdoor grill and looks up at Chippy who is sitting on the grill.

Now, Murphy and Chippy are back to seeing each other just about every day — along with her kiddos, of course! Who knew that such a beautiful, ever-expanding friendship could grow from a golden retriever and a squirrel?

“He’s just a very tender, sweet, loving dog who happened to fall in love with this red squirrel who’s living in our yard,” Judie says.

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