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Call The Firefighters! Squirrel-Crazy Dog Climbs Into Quite The Sticky Situation.

As everyone knows, firefighters have an important job to do. These dedicated people play a crucial role in public safety. On any given day, they could potentially battle a raging fire, respond to the scene of an accident, teach kids how to stop, drop, and roll, or maybe even rescue the occasional puppy from a tree.

Wait… what?!

Yep. That’s right. You us correctly.

Not too long ago, the Caldwell Fire Department of Idaho a Facebook post about the rescue of a dog stuck in a tree. Ruh Roh!

We can only assume that this particular incident was a welcome change of pace for first responders. While an animal in distress is no laughing matter, the unusual sight of a pit bull/husky mix trying to balance atop a tree might just elicit a chuckle or two.

It all started with that pesky squirrel!

When Christina Danner’s dog, Izzy, spotted a squirrel on the loose, he just couldn’t resist chasing after him. In hot pursuit of this wily little critter, Izzy raced up the tree and got himself good and stuck. But what goes up must come down. Naturally, Izzy did what any self-respecting pup would do and hung on for dear life.

It required a great deal of coaxing to lure Izzy out of the tree and down the ladder to safety. Later, once his paws were placed firmly on solid ground, Izzy was given a bowl of food to eat.

“Perhaps, he will not be so persistent, next time, in chasing squirrels.” noted the fire department.

No such luck. According to Christina, Izzy continues to fixate on catching the squirrel, despite his recent misadventure.

“He did not learn his lesson,” Christina commented. “He’s been whining all morning trying to get out and get that squirrel.”

One follower on Facebook had this advice to share with Izzy: “To catch the squirrel, one must become the squirrel.”

Something tells us that Christina may soon have the fire department back on her doorstep. That, or she may need to invest in some new blinds ASAP.

Either way, Izzy definitely has our vote for most adorable squirrel-chasing pup-caught-in-a-tree of all time! Wouldn’t you agree?

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