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Elderly Man Makes Passersby Stop In Their Tracks With Amazing Star Wars Performance.

jamey turner

Some people gravitate toward the piano, others the sonorous notes of the clarinet. And while long-time Virginia resident Jamey Turner probably spent years fine-tuning his skills on those instruments, he opts more for the unconventional.

In fact, the instrument for which he’s gained the most fame doesn’t look like one at all. You’d probably try to drink his instrument before you’d “play” it. Yes, we’re talking about wine glasses filled with varying amounts of water, enabling the musician to reach particular notes. Called the glass harp, Jamey has become something of a local celebrity for his prowess on it.


You might’ve seen someone playing a glass harp (or musical glasses) at a wedding or other special event, but just didn’t know there was an actual term for this instrument.

In a video shared last month on the “Growing Up In Alexandria, VA”Facebook page, Jamey’s fingers fly across the rims of at least a couple dozen wine glasses, deftly picking out the notes to the Star Wars theme.


Watching it, you can’t help but sit back and scratch your head. How many hours of his life did he dedicate to perfecting this? He makes it look so easy!

According to a 1991 profile with the Washington Post, it’d probably be hard to add them all up. Back then, he estimated he played at up to 200 concerts annually, including street performances. The crowds have always taken a special liking to his theme song, Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.â€


“People can’t help smiling when they hear the glasses,”he said. “They come up and tell me, ‘I hate classical music, but I like everything you play.’â€

Seeing one of the more recent videos on YouTube brought back fond memories for one viewer, who noted that Jamey played at her wedding reception more than three decades ago! “I am so happy to see this video of Mr. Turner playing his glass harp. He played for my wedding reception in 1986, and it was just the most memorable and beautiful music imaginable. Just heavenly! Thank you, Mr. Turner!!”


What an incredible talent. Most of us just had to grit our teeth and bear it when our parents signed us up for piano lessons, but Jamey has devoted years of his life to playing a totally obscure instrument that’s gained him national exposure!

Watch this unconventional yet talented musician do his thing in the video below. Share to spread amazement!

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