Barn Dog Instigates The Cutest Mini Horse Race You’ve Ever Seen.

For most of the year, these horses have acres of rolling pasture land at their disposal, acres and acres of grassy fields where they can get out and stretch their legs or just enjoy a lazy afternoon soaking up the sun.

But at certain times of the year, when winter temperatures drop to the point that ice poses a real hazard, the residents at Cozy Acres Farm in Saint Matthews, South Carolina, are forced to turn to Plan B.


Alicia Rapuano, who owns the horse retirement and boarding facility, posted a video that showcases how the residents put Plan B into action on just such a day.

Cabin fever finally got the best of four resident miniature horses, so they decided to create their own indoor fun, led by their energetic ringleader of a dog, Buckshot.


Alicia was busy cleaning the stalls when she looked up to see a miniature stampede coming her way!


“When your supposed to be cleaning stalls but this is way more fun. It was too icy for the minis so they ran around the barn all day,” she explained in the Facebook caption.

“We’re not getting any work done today,” she says with a laugh as the racers round a bend, with Buckshot taking the lead. (Is he actually racing the horses or does he fancy himself a furry, four-legged version of a pilot car?)


Watch these adorable little horses’ little legs carry them around their improvised “racetrack” in the video below, and share if you agree this adorable group could teach us all a lesson about making lemonade out of lemons!

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