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Girl Finds Golden Egg In Port-A-Potty… And Wins Lifetime Concert Tickets From Zach Bryan’s Dad!

A young woman smiles as she holds out something in her hand for Dewayne Bryan, Zach Bryan's dad, to see.

You never know what you’ll find in an Easter egg — most of the time, it’s some type of sweet treat. But every once in a while, you might get money. Then there’s the kind of Easter eggs you find at an event hosted by Zach Bryan’s dad, Dewayne. This free event took place outside of the UBS Arena in New York. The day was full of delicious food and, Zach Bryan merch, and unexpected prizes.

The most unexpected prize, however, has to be one that the young woman in the video below received. The source of her prize came from finding a golden egg in one of the porta potties. According to some commenters, it was actually her dad who found it for her — how sweet! While this is certainly not the best place to find one, the prize makes it worth it: Lifetime tickets to Zach Bryan’s shows!

@may.williams7 Zach Bryan’s dad put together an easter egg hunt outside the UBS arena in the park! #zachbyan #easter #fyp ♬ original sound – May Williams

As you can imagine, fans of Bryan are absolutely thrilled (and just a bit jealous) of this lucky fan! Even those who aren’t fans of the country singer themselves can’t get over how incredible it is that they included this as a gift.

Zach Bryan’s Dad Reveals the Ultimate Surprise for Shocked Fan

“I would absolutely sob,” one person admits in the comments.

There’s no doubt that Dewayne had a blast giving away the prize, too. The fact that he chose to host this fun event showcases his child-like spirit. Speaking of which, this Easter egg prize isn’t the only time he’s made fans of Zach Bryan smile.

At a recent show of Bryan’s, Dewayne chose to don a pink Easter bunny costume. Let’s just say that it didn’t go according to plan.

Although the fall looks harsh, thankfully, Dewayne is totally fine. In fact, he was later seen on stage, still wearing that incredible costume. Needless to say, that lucky fan is sure to make some unforgettable memories at her future Zach Bryan concerts!

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