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Young Girl With Leukemia Gets Moment Of A Lifetime At Zach Bryan Concert.

A two-photo collage. The first shows country singer Zach Bryan on one knee at the edge of a concert stage. He's holding his guitar that he wears, leaning forward as he reads a sign we can't see in this image. The second photo shows someone holding a poster with one hand as they take this photo with the other. On one side are words: 4 years old. Middle of chemo. Go to Zach Bryan. Meet Zach Bryan. Next to each point is a box with a checkmark. But the last contains Zach Bryan's signature.

The music we listen to holds special meaning in our lives. This seems to be especially true for a 4-year-old named Laylah. She’s in the middle of chemo, but country singer Zach Bryan’s music provides her with both comfort and joy. That’s why her mom chose to take her to one of his concerts in Melbourne.

In footage capturing the magical night, it’s clear that Laylah is having a blast. In fact, there’s even footage of the little girl with leukemia meeting Bryan. This was made possible because of the sign Laylah’s parents made for the concert.

Little girl with leukemia smiles and sings before meeting Zach Bryan.

The sign gives a quick run-down on Laylah, explaining that she’s 4-years-old, in the middle of chemo, and that she hopes to meet Bryan. It’s no wonder, then, that as soon as the country singer spots the sign, he has the little girl and her family brought to the front.

Little Girl With Leukemia Meeting Zach Bryan

From here, Bryan is able to hope off the stage so he can officially meet his tiny fan who has already been through so much in life. He happily signs her poster as he briefly chats with Laylah and her family. Although it’s clear that Laylah is quite shy when Bryan is around, Mom is happy to share she had a blast.

“Laylah’s dream fulfilled,” she wrote on social media.

Watch this sweet girl with leukemia meeting Zach Bryan in the heartwarming video below.

@jesstilleyy1 Laylah’s dream fulfilled.🥰 #zachbryan#zachbryanconcert #zachbryanmusic #melbourne#fyp#leukemia #cancer ♬ original sound – jesstilley

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