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Little Girl Insists On Including Brother With Special Needs In Sweet Graduation Dance.

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Unconditional love is one of the most precious things in the entire world.

Parents of more than one child typically have to put up with a little bit of bickering between siblings, and it’s, therefore, hard to remember that deep down their kids really do love one another. When you catch a glimpse of that affection it’s a truly beautiful sight! One mother from Brazil was able to capture one such beautiful sight on camera, and we can’t get enough of the sweet video.


It was December in the South American city of Iguatu in Brazil when this mom brought her young daughter to a graduation party. The little girl got herself all dolled up for the occasion, wearing the same frilly green dress as many of the other girls in her class and sweeping her hair up into a chic bun. She looked like she was destined to become the belle of the ball; all she needed was a date.

Thankfully, she knew just the dapper gentleman – her brother. Mom wrote that her daughter “would not participate in the party” without her sibling. The little boy has cerebral palsy, which limits his capabilities and confines him to a wheelchair, but that didn’t stop him from accompanying her on the dance floor for the sibling dance.


Deftly grasping her brother’s wheelchair and maneuvering through the crowded dance floor, the little girl begins to dance. Her dress flounces around her as she flits from side to side, tilting her head and smiling at her delighted brother. Not only does she not mind that her brother is differently-abled from the other children, but she seems to revel in their uniqueness!

You can see that she’s entirely used to being around someone with special needs. Nothing phases her, even when she has to reach out with her hands to re-adjust her brother’s head and make him more comfortable.


Mom says that this is a typical moment for her children, “the two have an unconditional love for one another.”

Being family with someone is a special connection on its own, but showing compassion and empathy to your loved ones is not always an easy thing to do. This little girl has shown us exactly how it’s done.

Watch the video below and be sure to share this sweet moment with others.

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