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Girl Couldn’t Afford A Horse, So She Learns How To Ride A Cow Instead.

We’ve seen kids reactions to getting their long awaited pets. It is a mixture of tears and squealing, but mostly extreme happiness. Like the little girl whose parents brought her beloved stuffed animal to life and the girl who waited 7 years for her dream dog. But what happens when parents can’t afford another animal and the children don’t get what they wish for? Well, that’s when they get creative.

And that is exactly what Hannah Simpson did. When the 11-year-old’s parents told her she couldn’t get the horse she so desperately wanted, the adventurous girl decided to do something very unusual. She taught herself to ride a cow.

Simpson is now 18 and living in Southland, New Zealand. She documents her rides on her favorite cow Lilac, on her Instagram page. Together they race across fields and even complete jumps!

“I didn’t really teach her, I just jumped on and away we went,” Simpson told “I think she enjoys it. She loves going to new places like up the road, hills… creeks.”

While Simpson has an adventurous spirit, she does not recommend other people ride cows unless of course, “You have a semi-friendly cow, then you could just try like I did.”

Even her favorite cow Lilac, isn’t the most behaved steed and she doesn’t like to run very fast. Simpson also tried to put a saddle on her but Lilac was not a fan so she’s decided to ride her bareback.

“She doesn’t always behave but she’s still awesome.”

One of Lilacs slightly rare speedy moments 

A video posted by Hannah Simpson (@hanney_simpson) on

Simpson now has a horse but says riding Lilac is still her favorite thing to do.

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