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Do You See A Giraffe or An Elephant In This Sculpture Illusion? It’s All About Perspective!

Artists have the amazing opportunity to change the world through perspective. Da Vinci gave us the Mona Lisa, whose eyes seem to follow museum-goers around the room and street artists use the pavement to create mind blowing 3d illustrations, but the sculpture in the short video clip below is truly something incredible.

From the front, the sculpture clearly shows two giraffes with crossed necks. As the camera pans around the sculpture prepare to be blown away as the giraffes morph into an elephant before your very eyes.

Here’s the Takeaway: Perspective is everything. Be it a disagreement, misunderstanding or incredible piece of art, the way you see things can totally change the outcome. Even if it’s hard to see through another person’s eyes, understanding that the world is full of different views will bring us closer together.

Check out the amazing illusion in the video below and share if you were blown away!

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