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This Corgi Has Perfectly Hilarious Expressions For Every Occasion And These 14 Are Our Favorites

All dogs are capable of making funny faces from time to time, but a dog named Gen does it so often it’s practically an art form!

Gen is a corgi dog who lives in Okayama, Japan. His owner says,” like most corgis, he’s active, playful, and clever. Unlike most corgis, his incredibly expressive face has earned him a huge online following.

Gen has over 111,000 followers on Instagram, all of whom are drawn to the hilariously derpy faces he makes on a daily basis. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. That look you make when you know you’re fabulous.

2. He’s got style, he’s got grace… he’s got a funny look on his face.

3. “Are you gonna eat that?”

4. That knowing smirk tells us he’s up to something.

5. “I am shocked, I tell you. Shocked!”

6. Looks like he temporarily forgot how to be a dog, but it’s all good.

7. Oh, just give him a teensy little taste! What’s the harm?

8. This little guys may be short on legs but he’s long on charm.

9. Don’t let his face fool you; he’s having snow much fun!

10. He’s just taking himself for a walk. No big deal.

11. He looks a little embarrassed that we caught him frolicking in the meadow.

12. “Go ahead and take my picture. I don’t even have a bad side!”

13. Isn’t that the happiest face you’ve ever seen?

14. It’s a bird, it’s a plane… nope, it’s Gen the flying corgi!

Have you ever seen a dog with a more expressive face? There’s little wonder why this guy is becoming such a big hit on the internet. Who needs language when you’ve got a face that says it all!

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