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Dad Teaches Daughter Her First Word, But Baby’s Reaction Has Geeks Rejoicing!

Most babies start speaking around one-year-old, and their first words are typically something they hear every day, “Mama,” or “Dada.” If you’re lucky enough, you might even capture this milestone moment on camera, then proudly post it on every social media platform imaginable for the whole world to enjoy.

Fourteen-month-old Millie McAvoy had her verbal breakthrough earlier this month while the camera was rolling, so of course, her proud papa had to share it on Twitter. But her first word wasn’t “Mama,” or “Dada.” It was, however, a very recognizable two-syllable word.

Millie’s dad Michael began filming and prompted his tiny tot: “Da-na-da-na-da-na-da-na-da-na-da-na…”


Watch what she says in reply!

Michael says his 4-year-old son, Elliot, has been watching a lot of 1960’s “Batman” reruns lately, and that’s where his daughter probably picked it up.

As a Superman fan, Michael is pretty pleased with his daughter’s first word. He wrote on Twitter that her mother wasn’t too happy – maybe she was rooting for “Wonder Woman”? But c’mon, that’s twice the syllables and you can only ask so much of a 14-month-old!


The topic struck a chord with fans on Twitter and people were quick to chime in with their own funny stories.



But all joking aside, Michael said his wife is “surrounded by superhero geekiness” and she was “delighted” with her daughter’s choice of words. Well, word.

“We are all surprised that her first word has made the headlines around the world,” Michael added. “It’s quite a start.”

What was your first word? Share this with the world and spread some smiles!

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