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Fun Experiment Proves Humans Can’t Be Replaced With AI Just Yet.

Left frame shows human-created drink versus right frame with AI cocktail used in a taste test.

The contest was afoot. Could a mixed drink made by a human bartender win out over an Artificial Intelligence (AI) inspired cocktail? The contestant asks, “How difficult should I make this?” The professional bartender answers, “As crazy as you can get. Bring it.” Human bartender versus AI Mixologist. We are slightly apprehensive about this mash-up, but the order is in.

Our contestant wants something “smokey, sultry, fruity, and surprise me.” The bartender goes to work, talking us through his selections. He mentions that he thinks she wants something “citrus forward.” With the “smokey,” he thinks she leans toward Mezcal margaritas. He mixes the shaken (not stirred) concoction, and then he pours it into a short rock glass. He tops off his submission with a lemon and agave garnish.

Cocktail inspired by patron suggestions and made by a human bartender.
Image from TikTok.

Next, the human bartender had to create the AI-inspired drink (because, you know, AI doesn’t have opposable thumbs). The recipe was printed, and our bartender read it. “One-ounce Mezcal, one-ounce tequila, one-ounce Ouzo, one-ounce vodka.” At this point, the bartender takes a breath before saying, “That’s a lot of booze, so, this’ll kill somebody.”

But he wasn’t finished reading. The AI recipe added one ounce of lime juice and two ounces of pomegranate juice. The recipe then instructed the bartender to stir the drink. That was almost too much for our guy. Apparently, you shouldn’t stir cocktails containing juices, but he followed the AI instructions completely. As he poured the AI cocktail into a tall glass, he commented on the pretty pink color. Then, he added some ice to the AI drink.

AI-inspired cocktail made from the same human suggestions, but developed using AI technology.
Image from TikTok.

Time For The Taste Test: Human Vs. AI

After a brief conversation with the human bartender, our patron stepped away with her two drinks for the taste test. Before tasting, she asked if they were marked. They are on the bottom of each glass. She can tell after tasting if she correctly identified who made each drink.

Patron taking he human and AI drinks for the taste test.
Image from TikTok.

Watch the whole video below to find out whether she correctly identified the AI cocktail and the human-inspired drink. If you enjoyed this, please share it with your friends. AI is coming, but I don’t think we are ready for it to take over our world.


Can people distinguish the taste between a #cocktail generated by #AI and one lovingly crafted by a human bartender? We challenged a group of bar patrons to submit their drink preferences in order to produce two unique cocktails for them to try. #bartender #aivshumans

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