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From Stray To Internet Star! This Tailless Cat Is Living His Best Life.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of conejo waiting outside the store. on the right there is a picture of conejo and his mom tania.

Once upon a time, there was a cat that used to spend his days and nights outside of a convenience store located in a Mexican town.

His name is Conejo, which means “rabbit” in English. You might be asking yourself: Why this name? Well, that’s because this cat doesn’t have a tail, which makes him look a little bit like a bunny.

Tania Santos would go to Conejo’s store quite often. She would see him just standing outside waiting for the perfect opportunity to sneak into that store and “ask” a customer to buy him some food.

This is how Tania came to know Conejo and his story, which ultimately led her to adopt him and give him the best life that any pet could hope for.

Here is Tania’s and Conejo’s story from beginning to end.

1. This is how Conejo’s strategy would work: He would wait outside the convenience store for a customer to walk him in, and then he would go straight to the cat food so that he could pick his favorite one. Then the customer would pay for it, and it would go straight to Conejo’s belly.

2. When Tania found out Conejo did not have a home, she decided to adopt him and give him the life that he deserved. She also noticed that he had several injuries. She doesn’t know if Conejo has been abused or if the injuries came from being in the streets for so long.

3. Tania admitted that she wasn’t an “animal person” before adopting Conejo, but that quickly changed. Now, Conejo has a little brother named Zulem!

4. We can’t have a list of Conejo without showing his mama, Tania!

5. Conejo also has a sister. Her name is Maya! Here, he is teaching her how to bathe.

6. Conejo is proudly Mexican. Viva México!

7. He went from living on the streets to traveling the world with his mom.

8. Apart from being so handsome, Conejo is a smart little boy (but we’re sure you already knew that, judging by how he would pick his own food at the store).

9. Conejo is also an ambassador for an eco-friendly Mexican cat food brand, and he knows just how to pose for the camera.

10. “Personally I was going through very hard times,” Tania wrote. “I had asked for a sign of hope and suddenly a little furry that always waited for me outside a store shook my life, he became my partner and through him, I saw how lucky life is.”

Conejo seems to be living his best life, and it’s all thanks to his kind mama Tania. We love how they complement each other!

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