Time Out For Belly Rubs! Dog Interrupts Soccer Game To Demand Love And Attention.

two-photo collage. on the left there is a picture of chile's goalkeeper giving the dog some belly rubs. on the right there is a picture of the black dog running through the soccer field.

Soccer is known to be a very intense sport. Players and fans always seem to be 100% focused on following that soccer ball wherever it goes.


However, sometimes things like bad weather or a power outage can cause a soccer match to be interrupted.

Well, that happened at a Chile vs. Venezuela soccer game, where the players had to pause what they were doing. But this interruption was not caused by any of the reasons listed above. In fact, it was a cute black dog behind it all.

It was during minute 36 when the adorable dog came strolling through the field, without a care in the world. The players noticed but kept on doing their thing – but not for too long! The dog literally walked up to Chile’s goalkeeper Christine Endler and rolled on their back to get some much-needed belly rubs.

After getting belly scratches from Endler, the dog then proceeded to keep on walking to get more love from the other players. It seemed as if the canine was on a tour for belly rubs! Once completing the tour, the dog ran through the soccer field with an incredible level of renewed energy that we are sure was due to the amount of love received!

Watch the special guest’s impromptu appearance at the soccer match and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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