From Homeless Addict To Living The Dream: How Graffiti Saved This Artist.

graffiti art by jps of spiderman next to the words "I bet this ends up on the web" and graffiti art by jps of a giant coca-cola truck decorated with real fairy lights

Trigger Warning: This story mentions an artist’s struggles with addiction and suicidal ideation.

The world becomes a more interesting place every time someone lets go of their fear of being creative.

For Jamie Paul Scanlon, graffiti is his favorite way of expressing himself. His work can be found all over the world, as well as Instagram, where he’s garnered a following of 77K people! To see what the hype is all about, keep scrolling to see the list we’ve compiled of some of our favorite pieces.

1. Although his friends may call him Jamie, in the art world, he goes by JPS.

2. He was born in 1977 in a seaside town in the UK, showing signs of being naturally creative from a young age.

3. Although his dad spent a lot of time in prison and passed away when he was 18 years old, he had a huge influence on Jamie.

4. He taught Jamie how to draw, something that impressed his teachers.

5. And with detailed art like this, we totally understand why!

6. Once he graduated, he chose to pursue his passion by studying graphic design in college.

7. Jamie had a great time there, but his time was cut short when the government ceased their support.

8. No longer able to afford college, he worked as a shoe repairer and key cutter.

9. This is when things took a dark turn for Jamie. He started off doing light drugs, which spiraled into an addiction along with drinking problems. Two of his friends were murdered within a six-month timeframe.

10. Then a visit to a stencil art exhibition in 2009 became the first step of Jamie turning his life around.

11. His friend, George, took him to the exhibition. There, he truly realized what had become of his life. So, he started to get back into art, starting with stencils he made.

12. Still homeless and an addict, it wasn’t until he found himself on the roof of an abandoned hotel, contemplating ending his life, did he choose to make huge changes.

13. He started to get counseling and attended group meetings, and it absolutely changed his life for the better.

14. Now, he’s living his dream, and his work can be found in places like Norway, Spain, the United States, and Germany.

15. “My outlook on art and life is art saved me from addiction,” Jamie said, “and I find no greater happiness in painting works that the world enjoys.”

Jamie has gone through countless difficulties in his life, but with the help of a loving support group and his art, he’s finally found peace. And because of that, the world is better off for it. Which one of his pieces is your favorite?

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