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“I’m A Stuck-A-Saurus.” 4-Yr-Old Delivers Hilarious Blow-By-Blow While Snowboarding.

Aubrin Sage and family on chairlift

One of the greatest aspects of parenting is being able to introduce your kids to your favorite activities! Robert and Samantha of Washington are committed “instigators of adventure” who never miss an opportunity to get their two young kids outdoors. Robert even calls himself a “stay-outside-dad.” How cute is that?

On a recent visit to White Pass Ski Area, Robert attached a microphone to his precious oldest daughter, Aubrin Sage. The 4-year-old was decked out in an utterly adorable dinosaur snowsuit, and she was ready to hit the slopes on her snowboard.

As dad recorded, Aubrin narrated everything that crossed her mind, and her running dialogue warms the soul. She speaks to herself with positive, encouraging words that she likely hears from her parents. For instance, as she’s sliding through a tree-lined trail she wobbles a bit, singing, “I won’t fall… maybe I will. That’s okay, ’cause we all fall” in her delightfully childish voice.

Just when you think Aubrin couldn’t get any cuter, a stranger calls over to ask her what kind of dinosaur she is. “I’m a powder-saurus!” she replies. A few moments later, as she continues to struggle to get back on her feet, she sighs and tells her dad, “I’m a stuck-a-saurus.”

This video is everything! Watch Aubrin’s sweet inner pep talk in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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