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From Football To Fabric: 19-Yr-Old Defies Stereotypes With Own Sewing Business.

a 19 year old named wyatt miller smiling as uses his sewing machine

In high school, Wyatt Miller may have come across like a typical jock, but his home economics class proved otherwise.

While the other students had little interest in learning how to sew, he was actually excited to give it a shot. Best of all, though, he turned out to have a knack for it!

“He was kind of a natural,” his teacher, Connie Haugen said. “I can’t even take any credit. I’m so proud of him.”

Wyatt’s newfound love for sewing didn’t end with his class. For Christmas, he asked his mom for a sewing machine. That way, instead of buying new clothes, he could alter and personalize the ones he already owns!

“Coming out of high school, I actually did want to try out for football and continue the football journey,” Wyatt said, “But ever since I found sewing, it’s kind of taken over.”

Although most people have been super supportive of Wyatt’s love of sewing, he doesn’t mind the few who don’t understand.

“When people do call me a kokum or a grandma, because I sew all the time, I just take it and laugh,” he said. “People enjoy their grandmas.”

To get a better idea of just how much sewing has taken precedent in his life, within months of getting his first sewing machine, it broke from overuse.

But as soon as he was able to save the money needed to buy another one, Wyatt decided to take this new-found hobby and turn it to the next level.

Wyatt had been sharing his creations on social media, and the positive feedback he received gave him the push he needed to start his own brand, Sparked Apparel – the name comes from the “spark” in people’s eyes that Wyatt says people have when they react to his work.

“When I am sewing I actually, I kind of go into my own little zone,” he said. “I’m hoping to spark anything in someone. They’re seeing a young person doing their dreams.… maybe it will spark someone to push their dreams and want to go hard on their dreams.”

As of today, Wyatt runs Sparked Apparel from his parents’ basement. But once he has an embroidery machine, a Cricket for screen printing clothes, and has enough money saved, he wants to sign a lease to a space solely for his business.

This certainly isn’t the path this 19-year-old expected he’d take in life, but it’s certainly one he takes pride in, and we absolutely love that for him.

“If you would have told me now, when I was in high school getting taught how to sew, that I would be sewing, I would have laughed at you,” Wyatt said. “But now, after high school, you kind of grow up a little bit and realize that everyone does their own thing, everyone finds their own journey in life, and so far this is mine.”

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