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15 Hyper-Realistic Pastries That Will Leave You Asking, “Is Everything Cake?”

a cake that looks like a bucket of fried chicken from kfc by a turkish baker named tuba geçkil and a cake that looks like a black leather jacket hanging up that is also by tuba geçkil

The saying “seeing is believing”may be fitting in most cases, but not when Tuba Geçkil is involved.

This Turkish baker is a master at creating cakes that look like anything but a cake — and that’s not an exaggeration. From random inanimate objects to seemingly normal looking foods, it seems there’s no limit to her imagination. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites!

1. If Tuba’s creations seem familiar to you, we probably know the reason.

2. In July 2020, BuzzFeed’s Tasty account shared one of Tuba’s mind-blowing videos.

3. And in that moment, everyone on Twitter collectively lost their minds – in the best way possible, of course.

4. This video blowing up led to a phenomenon called #everythingiscake.

@redrosecake_tubageckil Yes, even the pomegranate seeds were made from cake! 🤪🰠#pomegranate #nar #everythingiscake #realisticcake #cake #pasta #fyp #foryoupage ♬ orijinal ses – TUBA GEÇKÄ°L

5. In other words, Tuba’s cakes are just so realistic that they had everyone (mostly jokingly) questioning if everything around them was, in fact, secretly a cake.


Yok artık serisinde bugün 🤪🍰🦞🎨 Tamamı pasta✌🏻From “No way! Series” today 🤪🍰🦞🎨 #hiperrealisticcake #everythingsacake#lobstercake

♬ orijinal ses – TUBA GEÇKİL

6. We don’t blame them. If there’s an object or a living being that exists, Tuba can make a cake that looks exactly like it.

7. That being said, her specialties are everyday objects and foods.

8. In order to create such hyper-realistic cakes, she uses a variety of skills.

9. One that especially comes in handy for perfecting small details are her painting skills.

10. Although the #everythingiscake trend has died down, Tuba is far from done with her crazy shenanigans that actually began many years ago.

11. In fact, she was already recognized worldwide well before 2020.

12. In 2016, she was invited to the International Exhibition of Culinary Art Olympics.


I can’t make a cake anymore because my ingredients have become cakes😅🍰 #everythingiscake #realisticcake #cake #pasta #satisfying #asmr #egg #fyp

♬ original sound – TUBA GEÇKİL

13. While she was there, she broke records by taking home four gold medals and one silver medal.

14. Nowadays, she can be found training other bakers all around the world how to create their own realistic cakes.

15. But don’t worry – she still has plenty of time for posting her mind-blowing creations on social media, too.

No matter how many times we try to remind ourselves that literally anything in Tuba’s videos can turn out to be a cake, we’re still blown away every single time! What a testament to this one-of-a-kind baker’s talent. Now, excuse us while we second guess every object in our own homes.

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