From Abused To Unstoppable, These 6 Dogs Brighten People’s Lives Everywhere They Go.

Debbie Pearl and the Unstoppable Dogs

Step aside, superheroes. This looks like a job for The Unstoppable Dogs!

Debbie Pearl of Huntington Beach, California believes that the only journey that’s impossible is the one that we never start. She’s centered her life around rescuing dogs, particularly dogs with physical and mental differences, and she’s seen how animals can make an incredible impact on those around them.

Debbie is the founder of Dream Fetchers, a nonprofit dedicated to joining special needs pups with similarly-challenged humans. She believes that there’s no medical challenge that can’t be improved with the addition of a friendly canine, especially when those canines have been through so much in their own lives, yet still persevere.

“Here at Dream Fetchers, we live by a code to better the lives of those around us,” Debbie explained. “In service to this code, we recognize and lean on the power that dogs have to heal those around them. Their unconditional love, their unfailing ability to listen to us when we need to be heard, and the peace that comes with their presence are what make them one of the world’s greatest forms of medicine.”

To support the nonprofit’s mission, Debbie has assembled a team of rescued “handicapable” dogs she calls The Unstoppables. Each of these animals has a tragic and horrifying origin story, including being abused, abandoned, and left for dead due to birth differences. Yet, in spite of their individual trauma, each one maintains a sunny disposition and a zest for life Debbie says is contagious.

These days, Debbie brings her Unstoppables to nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and other care settings so they can shine their incredible light even further.

“Using my 6 handicapable dogs (The Unstoppables) we are making a difference one day at a time by teaching kindness, compassion, inclusion and inspiring everyone we meet and around the world through our social media page,” she explained. “The only impossible journey is the one never started.”

The Unstoppables are comprised of Speedy, Zeek, Eddie, Pop, Kala, and Bunny Pop. Nearly all of them have physical issues that require prosthetics and wheelchairs, but, you guessed it, that doesn’t stop them! In fact, it doesn’t even slow them down.

Once these animals are rescued, Dream Fetchers gives them extensive training, love, and care to change the course of their lives forever. Caring for older dogs with physical challenges is an expensive undertaking, and they rely entirely on donations to keep the program running.

Hoping to spread the word about the value of these animals and the mark they make on human lives every day, Debbie recently collaborated on a children’s book called “The Unstoppables,” based on the dogs’ adventures. She hopes the fun book helps children learn more about differently-abled dogs and all the joy they can bring to the world.

One look at the Dream Fetcher’s Instagram page proves that nothing is getting in these dogs’ way! They were plucked from the brink of death, and now they’re showing what a little love and support can do, and it’s everything.

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