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From 0 Chair Turns to 4, Madison Curbelo Makes Triumphant Return to “The Voice”

Madison Curbelo The Voice

Madison Curbelo’s blind audition on March 4th’s installment of The Voice is the comeback story of the year.

Madison is a fan and coach favorite after her unique and charming rendition of Ben E. King’s Stand By Me. By the end of the song, she had four chair turns and a standing ovation.

The moment was particularly special for the 21-year-old because it wasn’t the first time she tried her luck on the show. Madison Curbelo also auditioned in 2021 when Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Nick Jonas were at the helm.

At 18, Madison performed Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy and failed to impress a single coach. While each of them heard potential in her voice, they thought she lacked a certain spark needed to make it in a major competition like The Voice. So they suggested she get out there and give as many live performances as possible. 

Madison had a painful setback, but she didn’t let it hold her down. Instead, she stood up, dusted herself off, listened to the advice, and came back for another try.

When Madison stood behind the coaches this year, she sang Ben E. King’s Stand By Me and blew the judges away. 

Madison Curbelo Had a Tough Decision After Her Blind Audition on “The Voice”

After finishing her audition, she had her choice of coaches, and they were all fighting hard to win her over. But Madison seemingly narrowed it down to John Legend and Dan + Shay.

“I’m keenly aware that I was one of the people who did not turn for you in Season 20. They’ll point it out, so I’m saying it now,” John said as Dan + Shay shouted that they would’ve turned. “I feel like you’re just ready now.”

“I love that you said you found your sound and you found the way you want to express yourself,” he added. “… I heard your smile before I turned around.”

Dan + Shay jumped in and said they agreed with everything John said then took the praise even further.

“You radiate light and just joy,” said Shay. “When you get told ‘no’ sometimes in your life, I think that pivots you and puts you on a different trajectory, and allows you to just grow in those moments.”

“Your voice was just flawless,” he continued. “I do agree, you could hear the smile in your voice.”

In the end, Dan + Shay wooed Madison Curbelo to their team on The Voice.

“The lesson is, if I don’t turn for them and they come back, they’re not joining my team,” John joked.

You can watch the “ray of sunshine” compete on The Voice on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 PM ET on NBC.

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