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Friend Asked To Babysit Adorable 6-Day-Old Tiny “Dinosaur”

A baby ostrich bends down below a baby xylophone that's hanging next to them

The best of friends always have your back in times of need. There are common ways we help out our friends, like lending a hand when it’s time to move or babysitting their little ones. Although Kelli Warf recently had an experience similar to the latter example, she certainly wasn’t taking care of a human baby. Instead, she found herself agreeing to watch over a baby ostrich. Talk about having an exotic pet!

As I’m sure you know, an ostrich becomes quite large when fully grown. In fact, they’re considered to be the largest birds at an average of nearly 9 ft tall and 350 pounds! But before they grow into these massive creatures, they’re simply the cutest little dinosaur-looking birds around! See for yourself in Kelli’s video below.

@kelliwarf When your friend asks if you could babysit. #ostrich #6daysold #velosaraptor #babysitter #housechickenlife ♬ Sneaky Sneaky – Gold-Tiger

One of the hashtags that Kelli uses in her video is velociraptor — how fitting! It seems that having this exotic pet running around the house truly does feel as though you have a tiny dino living with you. Thankfully, though, they’re not nearly as dangerous!

Woman Gets the Rare Opportunity to Babysit an Adorable Baby Ostrich

As adorable as it seems to have an ostrich as a pet, it’s certainly not for everyone. In fact, only certain states allow folks to keep them as pets. Even then it’s often required to obtain certain permits. But that’s what makes this babysitting opportunity for Kelli extra special — not everyone gets an opportunity like this one!

“OMG I never knew baby ostrich were so cute!!” one person writes in the comments, with another adding, “What did I learn today? I need better friends!”

“My 4yr old said ‘momma that chicken looks like a porcupine,'” another person shares, prompting Kelli to reply, “They have quill like feathers when they are little! They are actually really soft!”

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here!

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