Teen Joins Ukulele-Playing Grandpa For Adorable “Over The Rainbow” Duet.

Grandfather, Frank Nardone, took up the ukulele back in 2016, so he’s had some time to get some basic tunes in his musical repertoire. And fortunately for us, one of those is the song immortalized by Judy Garland, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

And while we’ve brought you plenty of stories about singers and musicians covering this song, none of them have been anywhere near as adorable as this!


Okay, Frank is pretty adorable. But what makes it especially adorable is that he’s joined by his granddaughter, Brooke Falls, who recently dropped in to visit Frank and his wife, Marie, at their retirement home in central Florida.


Donna Dugan, Brooke’s mom and Frank’s daughter, says she and her daughter live near Philadelphia, so they only get the chance to visit her parents once or twice a year. But they make the most of those cherished trips, and this particular video has generated so much buzz that it was even covered by the local paper:


Brooke just recently turned 18, and the video starts with her holding up the sign above, then flipping it over to Frank, who’s 81. Moments later, the opening notes of the song drift out, and Brooke soon joins in, her voice so clear and controlled, it’s like she’s been singing professionally for years.

Which, actually, she has.


She’s been singing professionally for six years now, and plans to make a career of it. And she’s off to a great start, with dozens of performances in New Jersey and New York already under her belt:


The video below popped up a couple days ago, and it’s struck a sentimental chord with many viewers. They note Brooke’s beautiful voice and Frank’s skills on the uke, but maybe more importantly, the cherished memories they’re creating by joining forces.


Watch these two make the first of what’s sure to be many more musical memories in the clip below, and don’t forget to share to spread more love!

18 and 81 🎶💕🎈

Posted by Brooke Falls on Saturday, May 5, 2018