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No One Wanted This Grumpy-Looking Cat Until The Purr-fect Human Spotted Her Online.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Francisca Franken sure does now!

Not long after she moved into a new one-bedroom apartment that allows pets, Francisca was browsing her local animal shelter’s website when she saw a face that stopped her in her tracks.

“I saw her photo and fell in love the second I saw her,” Francisca told The Dodo. “Well, at first I laughed because the pictures were so funny and I’d never seen a cat like this before.”

The feline in question, named Diva by the shelter, has a uniquely smooshed face and a distinctly surly expression that appears to be permanent. Like so many shelter cats, Diva has lived a tough life. She was discovered as a stray in a trailer park, and by the time she was rescued, she had a number of health problems including an eye infection.

None of that mattered to Francisca, who was certain Diva was destined to be hers! She called the shelter and left a message, so excited that she could barely sleep that night.

“I got a call from a friendly lady from the rescue who asked me if Bean was really the cat I wanted to apply for because, apparently, nobody had been interested in her before,” Francisca said. “The woman who called me was scared that I just pressed the wrong button or something.”

Francisca’s heart broke just thinking about no one wanting the cat! She started petting Diva, who is now called Bean, and fell head over heels in love.

“Bean was (and still is) so tiny and small. She has very stubby legs and a short tail and the flattest face I had ever seen,” Francisca explained. “I started crying when I walked into her room because I was so overwhelmed. She was not at all what I had imagined – but it was so much better.”

“A lot of people who saw her at the shelter said she was ugly, but I think she’s the most perfect girl ever,” she added.

Francisca brought Bean home that very day! The cat was scared and clingy at first, but she quickly proved to be a champion cuddler who hates being away from her human. Soon enough, Francisca started seeing her sassy side, and she knew Bean was finally letting her guard down in her new home.

Now, the two of them are inseparable. Bean sleeps in Francisca’s bed every night, follows her from room to room in their apartment, and even goes for walks on a leash.

“Bean is not a real emotional support animal but she’s definitely gotten me through tough times already, and I can’t put into words how much I love her,” Francisca said. “She means the world to me and she deserves all the love after having such a rough time before coming to me.”

Bringing Bean home, in Francisca’s words, was “the best thing to happen” to her. The fact that no one else thought Bean was cute just makes her all the more appealing to her doting cat mom!

Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, but who could ever think this cat was ugly? She is such a sweetie! Francisca hopes that Bean’s story will remind others to look at shelters first when they are looking to add to their families. You could be just the person a cat like Bean has been waiting for!

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