Former NFL Player Who Suffered Career-Ending Injury Scores Big On “American Idol.”

A two-photo collage. The first shows Blake Proehl singing passionately as he plays the piano on "American Idol." The second shows Katy Perry holding her arm up close to her face to get a closer look at the goosebumps that have formed.

In life, sometimes our most devastating losses can lead to our biggest wins. That summarizes the story of how 24-year-old Blake Proehl found himself on American Idol recently. Much of his life has been dedicated to football. In fact, his own dad, Ricky Proehl, played in the NFL for 17 years. This inspired him to pursue his own career in the sport, earning Blake a spot as a wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.

Then, an injury changed his life. Not only was he no longer able to play football, but he was also told he’d be lucky to ever run again. Healing, both physically and mentally, has been a struggle. But he found hope and comfort in music. In fact, he didn’t tell his Nana he was learning to play the piano until he could — her sweet reaction went viral! Now, with her encouragement, Blake’s pursuing a new career in music.

Former NFL Wide Receiver Blake Proehl Gives American Idol Judges Goosebumps

“My grandma is the reason why I’m here,” Blake shares before his audition. “I really didn’t believe in myself at all, music wise, and she’s the reason why I have any confidence at all to be in this room.”

It’s fitting, then, that judge Katy Perry invites Nana to be in the room as Blake performs. Playing the piano, he delivers a breathtaking rendition of In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young. His rendition, quite literally, gives Perry goosebumps.

Katy Perry holds her arm up close to her face to get a closer look at the goosebumps that have formed.

“Every grandma thinks that their grandchildren are great,” Perry tells Nana, “but you’re right!”

Although it’s still tough to look back on the way things turned out for his football career and overall health, it’s clear that Blake is happy to be on a new path with American Idol — and we’re excited to watch from the sidelines as he embarks on this exciting journey!

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