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Luke Bryan Jumps In For Impromptu Country Duet During “American Idol” Audition.

Luke Bryan and "American Idol" contestant Kennedy Reid hold hands as they sing together. Kennedy smiles and Bryan's eyes are closed as he sings. A piano player can be seen just behind them.

During American Idol’s debut last night, we met Kennedy Reid. She’s a mortician by day, but she dreams of being a full-time singer. To help secure her spot in the competition, her friend, Jean Ann, accompanied her to play the piano. Little did they know, however, that they’d end up putting on an impromptu performance with judge Luke Bryan himself!

The audition starts off like any other: Kennedy introduces herself before taking taking the stage with her song of choice. For this mortician, that’s River Deep – Mountain High by Tina Turner. This catches the attention of the judges, but the real magic happens when Jean Ann starts to play John Conlee’s Rose Colored Glasses.

Luke Bryan and American Idol Contestant Deliver Impromptu Duet

Jean Ann and Kennedy met at a Conlee concert — this, and the mention of the singer having ties to the funeral industry, inspire the pianist to play one of his songs. In turn, Bryan finds himself moved by the tune. He sings along, and everyone in the room pays attention.

Bryan isn’t shy to get dramatic or silly with his delivery and, at one point, lays down on the judges’ table. This very silliness, however, must help Kennedy’s nerves because she then joins the country singer. When she stops, Katy Perry encourages her to continue.

"American Idol" contestant Kennedy Reid opens her mouth wide as she sings. One arm is stretched out in front of her as if reaching out to Luke Bryan.

Although Kennedy’s duet partner, Bryan, chooses to not send her forward in the competition, her decision to join him seems to be what secures her spot!

“For me, you answered all the questions when you were singing with Luke because I got a chance to hear your texture,” Lionel Richie explains. “Believe it or not, you were relaxed and you weren’t on.”

Maybe the next time we see Kennedy she’ll take on another country hit all by herself!

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