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Steve Jobs Built An Empire On These Secret “Rules For Success”

apple secret to success id card

When you think of a multi-billion dollar company like Apple, you have to wonder how it got to be so wildly successful.

How did three guys – Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne – go from selling computers in 1976 to fathering an internationally known and lauded corporation? What were their rules for success? You might assume the answer includes words and phrases like nose to the grindstone, or the early bird gets the worm, or it’s a dog eat dog world; not words like integrity, truth, and fun. 

But, according to one former employee, that’s exactly what he was taught at Apple.

When I was hired by Apple in early 2004, these ‘rules for success’ were attached to the back of my employee badge,” wrote John “JB” Brandon in the caption of the photo below. “I left Apple years ago, but these really stuck with me ever since.


The rules center around looking to the future, creating positive relationships, staying humble (everyone sweeps the floor), maintaining integrity, and even having fun!

But, according to JB, employees weren’t the only ones to follow these rules. When one Reddit user asked about Steve Jobs, JB had this to say:


It’s been over a decade since JB worked at Apple, but he says he still holds fond memories of his time there and he has never forgotten the lessons he learned.

He calls the message on the back of his old badge “words to live by,” and we couldn’t agree more!

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