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Garth Brooks Sends Touching Video To 13-Yr-Old Fan Who Lost 2 Siblings In Fatal Crash.

Izzy Kitterman may not remember exactly what happened on July 17, but it will be a day permanently marked in her mind.

She and her brother and sister were in the car with family friends when a semi slowed down to a near stop on an Oklahoma interstate. Erin Van Horn was driving Izzy and her siblings, along with her own three kids, when she slammed into the suddenly stopped truck. Tragically, Erin, her son, Zach, and Izzy’s brother passed away at the scene.


Lizzie, Izzy’s sister (pictured below) survived the accident but unfortunately, died from her injuries days later. After more than a month of fighting, Izzy is holding onto life, recovering from her numerous injuries and surviving on the support of her family.


Since the crash, friends set up a GoFundMe to help support the family that lost so much in such a short period. So far, the page has raised nearly $90,000!


But what’s really helped Izzy keep fighting despite all odds are the words of support she receives from total strangers every single day. Her story of survival has inspired thousands of people to follow along with her recovery online.


“Dancing With The Stars” winner J.R. Martinez stopped by to cheer her on, which was especially meaningful considering his past:

J.R.’s story is nothing short of AMAZING. In 2003 he was deployed in Iraq, while driving a Humvee his tire hit a roadside bomb that ejected three other soldiers but left him trapped inside the vehicle, he suffered severe burns over 30% of his body among other injuries. He explained to Izzy that he was her, he laid in a bed for months, the unknown scared him to death, he didn’t want to be disabled he didn’t want to have a disability!

Through months and months of hard work and perseverance he overcame….he refused to hear the word “disability”! He told my girl “dont hear that, they don’t know you, work your ass off, when they say you’re done with your last set, DO ANOTHER”.

This perfect stranger, a man I’d only seen on tv by millions of other people heard Isabella’s story and made time out of his busy schedule to come give her his story and his encouragement when she was down and he picked her up. We prayed with J.R. he gave her what she needed when she didn’t even know she needed it. J.R. Martinez is a hero in Isabella’s eyes and for sure he is a hero in my eyes!!

Her friends at the Tulsa Police Department sent her a wonderful get-well video, too.

But what really made the 13-year-old’s day was a message from one of her favorite singers, Garth Brooks:

It’s so wonderful to see such an outpouring of love and support for Izzy! We hope she recovers quickly.

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