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Forget Romance, Getting A Midnight Snack With A Pet Is True Love!

Golden retriever sits in backseat of car waiting for his midnight snack.

Imagine craving a midnight snack and having the most adorable and loyal companion by your side, ready to take on the McDonald’s drive-thru. Ellie Dubin has just that — her golden retriever, who doesn’t mind a late-night adventure for a McFlurry.

Golden retriever sits in backseat of car waiting for midnight snack.

In a viral TikTok video, Ellie’s caption says it all: “I may not have a boyfriend, but I have a puppy who will come with me to McDonald’s at 12 a.m. to get a McFlurry.” We dare say he is the most handsome boy we’ve seen in quite some time.

And what’s better than a candlelit dinner with a date? A midnight snack with your best friend, of course! After all, who needs a significant other when you’ve got such a dashing date ready to join you on a culinary escapade?

So remember: next time you’re craving a midnight snack, a pet might be your perfect partner in crime. Watch the video below and share this adorable story with fellow dog lovers and late-night snackers!

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