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For Feather Or Worse: Rescue Rooster Falls Madly In Love With Disabled Chicken.

Shrimp and Basil, two rescue chickens in love

When we think of chickens the words “shrimp” and “basil” don’t necessarily jump immediately to mind. Yet at the Here With Us Sanctuary in Shermans Dale, Pennsylvania, Shrimp and Basil are the names of two chickens that go together like a nice seafood pesto.

To be more precise, Shrimp is a rooster who was scheduled for euthanasia before being saved at the last minute and brought to the sanctuary. He lived outside for two years, but when other birds started bullying him, shelter workers brought him inside to stay safe. As luck would have it, they brought a hen named Basil inside around the same time.

Basil was brought inside because she’d developed an infection in her leg, which had to be amputated. She is recovering from her surgery before being fitted for a prosthetic. Although the two birds were kept separate indoors, Shrimp made it clear from the start that he wanted to be closer to Basil.

“He was so interested in her through the baby gate and did a little dance as soon as he saw her,” said sanctuary founder Amanda Clark.


You cannot tell me that these two aren’t completely in love with each other 🥹 Shrimp and Basil ❤️ #herewithusfarmsanctuary #farmsanctuary #rescue #chickens #hen #rooster #love #fyp

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These days, Shrimp and Basil are together all day, every day! In the morning, Shrimp runs down the hallway to see Basil as soon as his crate door opens. He does a little dance for his girlfriend, fluffing up his feathers to impress her and delivering berries for her to eat.

Amanda says Shrimp is a very attentive boyfriend for Basil. He always lets her eat first, which is the chicken equivalent of holding the door open for her or pulling out her chair at a restaurant.


Shrimp and Basil sharing a watermelon snack ❤️ I love how Shrimp waits and let’s Basil eat first 🥹 #herewithusfarmsanctuary #farmsanctuary #rescue #chickens #fyp

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“It’s the cutest thing ever,” she said. We believe her!

Both Shrimp and Basil will be kept indoors and away from the other judgemental birds in their flock for the foreseeable future.

“They are 100% pets,” Amanda said, adding, “It’s no different than having a cat or dog running around the house.”

These two lovebirds even comfort each other during stressful events, like trips to the vet’s office. They seem like a match made in heaven, and their love is definitely something to squawk about!

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