Aquarium’s Electric Eel Lights Up A Christmas Tree When He’s Excited.

When an electric eel swims, the movement lights up a Christmas tree.

What happens when you cross an electric eel and a Christmas tree? Magic, that’s what happens. The Tennessee Aquarium believes in celebrating the season in style. Being energy-conscious, they decided to use an unusual energy source to power the twinkling lights on the Christmas tree!


The hub-bub began when they posted a short video about the unique display. The eel’s name is Miguel Wattson. When he gets hungry or excited, his body produces electricity to light the tiny lights on a Christmas tree near his tank. You can watch that below.


It’s true… Electric eel, Miguel Wattson is getting into the Christmas spirit! Each time he emits electricity when he’s hungry or excited, the Christmas tree lights up🎄. Come by to see Miguel at the Rivers of the World Exhibit⚡️ #tennesseeaquarium #electriceel #holidayspirit #miguel #freshwater #christmastree #aquarium

♬ original sound – Tennessee Aquarium

Although the first video has a great close-up of Miguel, it doesn’t show much else. Commenters prompted a second post showing more of the tree. One commenter asked about the science behind how this works. The social media guru at Tennessee Aquarium explained.

Question and answer about the science behind using an electric eel to power lights on a Christmas tree.
Image from TikTok.

When watching, the lights flash based on Miguel’s movements around the tank. Electric eels aren’t horribly “swimmy,” so the Christmas tree spends a lot of time not being lit. Miguel is a lovely (at least to some) specimen. He is quite large, and his fluid movements through the tank can mesmerize.

Closeup shot of Miguel Wattson, an electric eel at Tennessee Aquarium.
Image from TikTok.

We’re not sure why the aquarium decided to exploit the free electricity produced by Miguel, but we’re glad they did. Just thinking about an electric eel lighting a Christmas tree brightens our day! If you enjoyed this illuminating story, please share it with your friends!


Replying to @keepitinthesneaker An early Christmas present from the Tennessee Aquarium 🎁😌⭐️ #tennesseeaquarium #electriceel #holidays #aquarium #christmastree #winter

♬ original sound – Tennessee Aquarium

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here and here.

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