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Flower Girl’s Epic Dance Moves Have Wedding Crowd In Stitches.

These days, there seems to be a trend of having “adults only” wedding receptions. While we understand the appeal of not having a crying baby during the cake cutting, you also miss out on moments like the one captured in the video below.

During this particular wedding reception, a little girl took the dance floor – and when we say “took” we mean she owned it. Other guests tried to join her, but the energy she displayed was unmatchable.


The video opens with the little girl busting out onto the floor throwing some lasso moves right off the bat. One of the groomsmen thinks he has the skills to dance with the little firecracker and joins her…


But he quickly realizes that he was no match for her footwork and young blood, so he bows out.

When “Baby” by Justin Bieber ends, you might think that the little flower girl is tired and  heading back to her seat… but that’s when Psy’s “Gangnam Style” starts to play. Unbelieveably, she becomes even more energetic!


Her wannabe dance partner takes a second crack at joining her, matching her choreography, but nope, she was born to solo.

She dances so vigorously and with such emotion that her little pink bow comes undone!


Trust us, you don’t want to miss this little girl tear up the dance floor in the video below. Share to brighten someone’s day!

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