Florida Beachgoers Save Massive Shark Washed Up On Beach.

Left panel shows Texans Josh and Tiny Fey in Florida. Right image shows Josh Fey and three other men helping a stranded Mako shark.

Texans Josh and Tina Fey (not THAT Tina Fey) were visiting Pensacola, Florida, to celebrate their anniversary. The pair began an unexpected adventure when they spotted a Mako shark stuck on the beach. The shark seemed to be struggling in the shallow water. They immediately notified authorities and decided to try to help the struggling creature. The two can now say they helped rescue a shark during their trip to Florida.


Texans Josh and Tina Fey standing on the Florida beach where they helped rescue a stranded shark.
Image from YouTube.

The nearly ten-foot shark struggled, and Josh hated seeing it in distress. Yes, the shark has a mouthful of sharp teeth and could have injured him, but he felt he had to try. With Tina recording, the rescue began. By himself, Josh couldn’t budge the large shark. Mako sharks can weigh up to 1,200 pounds. Within seconds, other bystanders jumped in. With four strong volunteers, they wrestled the shark back into knee-deep water.

Four men attempting to rescue a Mako shark stranded on a Florida beach.
Image from YouTube.

Standing by to allow the shark to adjust, they hoped it had no injuries and could swim. The shark took a moment to acclimate but slowly moved away from the beach into deeper water. Cheering their success, the group of strangers left the water triumphant. Onlookers, including Tina, were cheering loudly as the tired group returned to the beach. Their Florida shark rescue was a success.

Assisting a Mako shark into deeper waters after a brave rescue on a Florida beach.
Image from YouTube.

The animal may have become stranded while hunting after strayed too far into the shallows. It also may have had injuries or been ill. Whatever the reason for the beaching, bystanders made every attempt to ensure the shark’s safety.

While the beachgoers heroically put themselves in harm’s way to save the shark, it’s important to remember that the proper authorities are the best resource when you find and injured or stranded animal. For example, when dolphins and whales beach themselves it is often due to illness and they might require medical attention.

You can watch news coverage of the Florida shark rescue below:

You can find the source of this story’s featured image here.

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