Truck Hydroplanes Into River, Heroes Smash Windows To Rescue Children From Flash Flood.

It was just another day in Wills Point, TX when a severe thunderstorm sent Phillip Ocheltree speeding home. The storm system had already spawned dozens of tornados, and another was bearing down on their family home a few miles away. While driving towards his house, Ocheltree truck suddenly hydroplaned on a pool of standing water. The car with his children inside, turned upside down in the rushing flood water.


Passing motorists spotted Ocheltree’s truck disappearing beneath the water and rushed to rescue whomever they could. Inside, the rescuers saw Ocheltree, his baby son, Marshal, and little girl, Addyson, with their heads barely above the water.


In the heart wrenching moments that followed, 7 total strangers rushed into the rising floodwater with a sledgehammer to free the family from their watery prison.


Philip and Marshal were frightened but breathing after being pulled from the truck, but baby Addyson seemed to be lifeless. One of the rescuers went to work on the baby girl with infant CPR right away.


It took nearly 3 panicked minutes of praying and CPR before little Addyson began breathing again… but her breaths were labored and heavy. After finally being rushed to the hospital, Addyson was placed on a breathing tube as her family waited and prayed.


The little girl’s condition slowly improved over the next few days, but her body was not ready to wake after such a traumatic ordeal… until today. Finally, after a nail biting recovery, little Addyson woke from her slumber a little hungry and ready to see her mama.

If it was not for the strangers that stopped to save this precious little family, who knows how this story would have gone.

Let it serve as a reminder to us all that all human life is precious and should be cherished and protected at all costs. The video below shows the raw footage of the dramatic rescue in full. Check it out in the video below!

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(Please be aware that a brief curse word is spoken in the clip below)

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