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Fisherman Comes To The Rescue When He Spots Owl Snared In Fishing Line.

man using a smoldering stick to get an owl off of a fishing line and that same owl sitting on a rock while someone removes a fishing hook from its wing

When a man and his friend went fishing, the last thing they expected to see on the end of a fishing line was an owl.

But that’s exactly what they found. Because a fishing line was left in a tree, the poor owl got caught, leaving it hanging by its wing. It would have been easy for these two fishermen to walk away, but instead, one of them slowly approached the terrified owl, a stick in one hand and a net in the other.

Once the owl was free, the man sat him down on a nearby rock. After such a terrifying ordeal, you might expect the owl to get away from the fishermen immediately or even attack. But instead, this sweet creature patiently sat still as the man got the hook out of his feather. He rested a bit before flying away, and he even took a selfie with his rescuer!

Watch the rescue below and don’t forget to share.

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