30 Adorable Dog Costumes That Won Halloween, Paws-Down

dogs dressed in Bob Ross and Toy Story costumes

Dreaming up the perfect Halloween costume is always a good excuse to get creative, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a canine companion in your life.

Some dog owners really go all out to celebrate Spooky Season, and we are here for it! The humans in these pups’ lives are not content to just slap a festive bandana on their dogs and call it a day; they need to boost their costumes to the next level of awesomeness.

1. You’ve met Chewbacca. Now meet his distant-distant-distant cousin, Chewbarka.

2. Cutest little lobster we ever did see.

3. We can’t promise he won’t lick your In-N-Out burger before serving it, but that’s part of his charm.

4. Brothers Thor and Loki looking especially cute.

5. Just a dog with a guitar, asking you to love him.

6. Puppywise the Clown is a tad less scary than Pennywise, but we’re not complaining.

7. Black Pant-er says, “Wakanda forever!”

8. Every day is brighter with this sunny guy in it.

9. Forget “Game of Thrones,” Dog Snow is only interested in “Game of Bones.”

10. Sometimes you just have to go with the costume you were born to wear.

11. Have you ever seen a more dapper pirate?

12. Buzz and Woofy are going “to infinity, and beyond!”

13. Chucky dog scares us, but that’s the point.

14. This sweet pup somehow looks more like Paddington than Paddington does!

15. Do you wanna taco about it?

16. Boo! A classic costume for a classic pooch.

17. Dog Ross never met a “happy little tree” he didn’t like.

18. Poor guy doesn’t look like he loves the Oscar the Grouch comparison.

19. Cerberus the three-headed dog? Yeah, we’ve got one of those.

20. Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

21. Cutest Minion in the bunch, and that’s saying something.

22. Say hello to “Winnie the Pooped.”

23. He’s always on time and accepts belly rubs as payment.

24. “Happy Thanksgiving from Doug the Pug!”

25. You’re a wizard, puppy.

26. We don’t trust that zookeeper as far as we can throw him.

27. What a wonderful costume!

28. Even dogs can’t get enough of “Ted Lasso.”

29. Cutest little Dumbo pupper ever!

30. We’re definitely not in Kansas anymore!

How cute are these costumes? These dogs were so patient to put up with this. Extra treats for all of these cute costumed dogs!

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