Brand New Dad Shares 8 Great Tips For Surviving The (Crazy) First Week Of Parenthood.

Ah, the joy of a newborn baby! Their soft skin and cute little faces are enough to melt the heart of even the toughest of men. Newborns are an amazing gift but also a never-ending challenge. Diapers must be changed, bottles must be prepared, and somehow they must be put to sleep (good luck with that). Parents love to give advice for the beginning months to expecting couples, but one father decided to give his expecting friends some great wisdom for the first week.


The Lobley’s were having dinner with friends who were expecting in three weeks and they found themselves giving tip after tip, but realized no one ever gave them any advice for the first week with a newborn. Mr. Lobley decided he needed to give his buddy some tips that would’ve helped them out after pregnancy.

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Here are eight tips for the first week with a newborn baby:

1. Let go of expectations. Use the force.

2. Clear your schedule.

3. Drink lots of water.

4. Have a food plan.

5. On that note, don’t question your wife’s ferocious appetite.

6. Become the diaper-changing champion of the world.

7. Be comfortable with your new role: Servant.

8. Surprise her.

Lobley said those eight tips might have made all the difference in their first week and wants to encourage other fathers to take note.  If you don’t have a plan or at least some advice, it will be much harder. But with principle to hold onto, at least you know what you strive towards!

“The first week is rough, I won’t lie,” said Lobley. “But with a little preparation, a lot of faith in the process, and a ton of love in your heart, you will make it through.”

Indeed. What a joy.

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