Firefighters Rescue Man Accidentally Tossed In The Back Of Garbage Truck.

garbage truck and tweet

This is the stuff of nightmares. This Mississippi man ended up in the back a garbage truck with more than a few injuries. But local firefighters got word and were able to execute an incredible garbage truck rescue!


This man ended up trapped in a garbage truck with a broken leg and hip. These injuries contributed to the difficulty of the rescue, because he wasn’t able to position himself for easy pick-up.

The firefighters had to get creative, but thankfully, they were able to rescue this man from the garbage truck and get him to the medical care he needed.

It’s likely that, while rummaging through a dumpster, the man had fallen asleep. Then, when the garbage truck stopped by, he wasn’t able to get out in time.

garbage truck
This image is from Wikimedia Commons.

Firefighters are equipped to rescue people and animals from all sorts of difficult situations. From getting an arm out of a vase to rescuing a deer trapped in a fence, these first responders are an incredible asset to the community.

This garbage truck rescue was surely a terrifying day for this man, but just another day at the office for these incredible first-response heroes.

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