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Caught Between A Fence And A Hard Place — Firefighters Rescue Impossibly Trapped Deer.

deer running from fence

For a job title that seems self-explanatory, firefighters sure do a lot of things other than take down flames! While iconically, firefighters save kittens from trees, these firefighters had a different mission — to rescue a deer from a seriously sticky situation.

This endearing, but mischievous, deer had gotten themselves stuck between two fences. With a wooden fence on one side and a wired fence on the other, it wasn’t going to be easy to rescue this deer. But the Official Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department got to work!

firefighters rescue deer stuck in fence
This image is from Facebook.

The fire department posted on their Facebook page, describing the incident and the tools necessary to rescue the deer.

They took advantage of hand tools (and, as the post described, good ‘ole fashioned ingenuity) to free the deer from their self-induced trap. They also contacted a local wildlife agency to make sure the animal didn’t need additional care.

After the all-clear from the wildlife agency, they let the deer loose to run free. Thank goodness for firefighters!

One viewer of the post noticed the coincidental time that the deer got stuck, posting “I’m glad Santa’s reindeer will recover in time for Christmas.”

So true!

Check out the post below to learn more about this deer rescue.

The featured image for this post is from Facebook.

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