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Firefighters Show Off Mind-Blowing Training Exercise In Viral Video.

Whenever we think firefighters can’t get more impressive, we learn something new about them.

Not only do they have to be incredibly brave to walk into a burning building, but they also have to be physically and mentally tough, and that takes training. A recent viral video shows one of them performing an exercise that seems impossible, and we just can’t stop watching it!


In the clip, we see two firefighters holding a ladder steady on the ground while another prepares to crawl through two of its rungs.

He starts out in his full uniform, loaded with bulky but essential equipment. As he kneels in front of the tiny opening, he begins to methodically remove his oxygen tank, helmet, and other tools before he pushes them carefully to the other side.

Then he flattens out and somehow maneuvers his entire body through the itty-bitty space. Just watching him makes us feel claustrophobic, but he moves with a calm certainty that allows him to reach the place he needs to go.


Professional firefighters have to overcome countless challenges to do their jobs well. Just to get started, they spend about 600 hours in training over 12-14 weeks and have to pass three challenging exams.

They also have to stay fit enough to carry their heavy equipment and manage the specialty clothing that allows them to withstand extreme temperatures. Their oxygen tanks alone add 30 pounds, yet the hero in this video made the drill look easy!


There’s a reason we have so much respect for these lifesavers! While most of us run from danger, they spend countless hours training so they’ll be ready whenever we need them to save the day.

Watch the amazing exercise in the video below, and share this story to thank the firefighters in your community.

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