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Patriotic Boy With Autism Admires Neighbor’s Flag Every Day & Gets Cutest Surprise.

Kids find beauty in some of the most mundane things, and can quickly become borderline-obsessed with them. It’s not uncommon to see a child walking around, clenching tightly to something obscure like a candle from their home or a trinket from dad’s dresser.

Like all kids, 6-year-old Finn Daly has become enamoured with something. His object of choice: the American flag. Finn loves to go on walks around his neighborhood to look at all of the flags, and when one neighbor noticed the kiddo’s frequent stops by his house he decided to make a little present for him.


Finn was born with Down Syndrome and is Autistic. People with Autism often become deeply interested in something – and for Finn that is the flag. According to his parents, he could sit for hours watching it wave in the wind because he particularly likes the movements it makes.

Homes all around Finn’s neighborhood have flags posted in front of their homes, so he loves going for walks with his family to look at them. There is one that he particularly likes, which is mounted on the trunk of a tree in front of Todd Disque’s home.


Todd noticed Finn’s frequent walks in front of his house, and saw how Finn would stop and stare at the flag. He loved seeing his young neighbor appreciate the flag, saying, “The boy would just sit there, transfixed by the flag. I was like, God bless America. This kid wants to look at my flag, then I’m all for it.”

Knowing how much fun Finn has looking at the flag, Todd decided to craft him a little bench where he could sit and really enjoy himself for as long as he wanted.


Instead of letting Finn or his parents know that he had built the bench, Todd decided to just prop it up next to the tree for the family to come across on their next walk around the neighborhood.

Finn’s mom, Brooke, said the gesture moved her to tears because it was “overwhelming in a good way” and that “it’s such a small gesture, but things like this really restore your faith in humanity. Like, there’s still good people out there that want to do kind things for no other reason than just to be kind”.


The bench made from scrap wood brings joy to so many. Finn gets to sit and watch his favorite flag, his parents get a reminder of the goodness in the world, Todd gets to peer out his window and see his neighbor enjoy the flag, and anyone else who walks by gets a glimpse at how far a little kindness can go.

Watch Finn’s story in the video below and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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