Filling In The Hole

It’s been said that all of human kind’s problems derive from one thing: separation from Source. It’s also
been said famously by Blaise Pascal: “All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly
in a room alone.” If we are disconnected from who we are, what we are, our reason for being here as
well as our Source of love, peace, fulfillment and joy…no wonder we can’t sit quietly in a room alone.
Stillness is where we can connect to our Source but when we’re disconnected, it’s also where the pain of
that disconnection bubbles up and is felt.

I remember my first solo plane flight after I woke up. I brought many things with me to distract myself
and pass the time but didn’t use any of them. I was content sitting still looking out the window or
simply sitting there quietly. I didn’t understand why until I spoke with a friend and in telling them about
the experience, they said: yes, it’s the first time you flew with someone you liked. The light bulb went
off a few moments later and I realized it was true. I actually liked myself, I had peace inside instead of
anguish and I didn’t have to distract myself from the pain I used to feel inside anymore. It was peaceful
to be still!

If we take a close look at society, we can see many different ways people are trying to fill the hole they
instinctively feel within themselves. Alcohol, illegal drugs, legal drugs, cigarettes, over-eating, etc., etc.
Anything that someone can get addicted to can be used to attempt to fill the hole. Many people use
relationships, sex, shopping, working out, television, etc. to cover up or distract themselves from the
hole they feel when they are still. Between numbing themselves with drugs, alcohol, unhealthy
behaviors and the fast-paced living distraction techniques most people never have to deal with the fact
the they’re unhappy and unfulfilled in life.

The world is experiencing a spiritual shift. The way we’ve done things up until now doesn’t work
anymore. Change is necessary for the evolution of our species and it’s trying to be birthed into this
world. We must find another way of being if we are going to survive, one based on love for one
another. This is why the uncomfortability of our separation from Source is getting more and more
prevalent. Many people aren’t able to shove it back down and pretend they don’t feel it anymore. It’s
becoming too powerful, the need to evolve and change is becoming too necessary and is pushing its way
to the surface.

There are two choices:

1.  To stuff it down through numbing and distraction methods as much as possible (close)
2.  To open up and connect to our Source (open)

These are the same two choices that are the foundation of how we live. In all experiences and
situations we have this same choice…to either open or close. If we open, we expand, grow, become
more of ourselves which coincides with nature and our natural way of Being. If we close, we tighten,
constrict, close off, build walls and become a lesser version of ourselves thereby inducing suffering.
Opening isn’t always easy, in fact many times it’s downright hard but it is always simple. Simple and
effective. Joy, peace, happiness is on the other side of the opening. It’s waiting for you to open up to it.
Do your best to open even when it’s hard, the alternative is continued suffering and they payoff is
consistent peace wrapped in a blanket of love you’ve never felt before!

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