Photographer Captures Stunning Beauty Of South Africa In 15 “Plant Portraits.”

Some of the world’s most fascinating plants grow in Cape Town, South Africa, and Filipa Domingues is determined to capture their alien beauty.


The filmmaker and photographer takes the phrase “plant lady” to a new (and gorgeous) level. Mesmerized by the local species, she began collecting succulents and proudly showing them off to her friends three years ago. These days, she specializes in “plant portraits” and snaps breathtaking pictures using only her iPhone, natural light, and a black cloth for the backdrop!

“I specifically photograph succulent plants that are endemic or indigenous to South Africa,” she told CNN. “(I like) the more rare and unusual kind of plants, not the typical ones that you find in people’s gardens or in nurseries.”

Prepare to marvel at these 15 close-ups as Filipa invites you to “check my plants.”

1. Strelitzia reginae, or the crane flower.

2. Stapelia hirsuta. This plant attracts pollinating flies by emitting the stench of rotting flesh.

3. Argyoderma theartii, whose appearance reminds Filipa of a sea anemone.

“So many of my succulents remind me of underwater coral and I often refer to my collection as my coral reef,” she wrote.

4. Argyoderma theartii, whose flowers open and close daily.

5. Ceropegia woodii, or string of hearts.

6. Cotyledon orbiculata, whose nickname is “pig ears.”

7. Boophone disticha, which blossoms after a fire.

8. Hoya flowers, whose appearance inspired the nickname “wax plant.”

9. Argyoderma, another sea anemone look-alike.

10. Aloe “lemon drops” with a Southern double-collared sunbird.

11. Monilaria monililormis, or “bunny ears.”

12. Fenestraria rhopalophylla, also known as baby toes.

13. Brunsvigia orientalis, whose bright flower heads indicate the start of the rainy season.

14. The critically endangered Mimetes stokoei, which was believed to have gone extinct twice before it reappeared after a wildfire.

15. Larrylechia cactiformus. From the side, its flowers resemble butterflies!

It’s no wonder Filipa is so in love with her plants! We would be happy to check on them for her any time! If you feel the same, head on over to her Instagram to see more of these unique portraits.

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